Getting Started with MyMathLab


MyMathLab is an interactive website where you can:

  • Self-test to improve your math skills and create your personal study plan
  • Practice exercises to help with specific textbook sections
  • View a video for further understanding
  • Work interactive problems in the Multimedia textbook
  • Use customized materials prepared by your instructor

What do you need to get started?

Check MarkA Valid Email Address:
Please use your BPCC student email address.
Check MarkCourse ID: (Course Compass students only)
Contact your instructor to get it. The Course ID is unique for each course.
Check MarkStudent Access Code:
If your new textbook was not bundled with a Student Access Code, you need to:
  1. If your instructor has ordered MyMathLab with your textbook, you can go to the BPCC bookstore and purchase a new textbook packaged with a MyMathLab Student Access Kit.
  2. You may also be able to buy a stand-alone MyMathLab Student Access Kit from your bookstore. If you do not have a Student Access Kit, you can gain immediate access to MyMathLab by Purchasing Online Access using a credit card or PayPal.Cards Icon

What steps do I take next?

  1. In order to register, you will need to use this Course ID --
  2. Go to For an audio tour on how to register, click on ‘Take a
    Tour’, and select the „Register and enroll in a course with a code‟ tour.
  3. Click on the Students ‘Register’ button.
  4. Enter your six-word access code found inside your student access kit, under the tab.

    student access code
  5. Register only ONCE using the access code in your kit. You will create your own Login Name and Password. After registration you‟ll receive a confirmation email.
  6. After you've registered: Login at (bookmark this URL), using the Login name and Password you have just created.
  7. From the “Welcome page” click on your course, then choose the “Installation Wizard” link to check that your computer has the required set-up and plug-ins. The MathXL player must be installed for you to work exercises within the tutorial, homework, and tests.
  8. For help on entering answers, go to the audio tour:
    and click on the How to Enter Answers Using the MathXL Player link.

* If you have questions or need assistance call tech support at 1.800.677.6337

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