Can I use special characters in my file names?



No, we suggest that you use common alphanumeric characters when naming your files. Often errors will occur when special characters are used in the names of files that are attached or uploaded to the online site.

File names of items that are attached or uploaded to the site should only include the following characters:

  • Letters (upper case or lowercase “A – Z”)
  • Numbers (“0 – 9”)
  • Underscore (“_”)

Note: Do not add additional Periods "." in the file name.  Many virus protection systems marls these files as potentially dangerous.

Should NOT do: my_homework_mrs.smiths_class.docx
Should do: my_homework_mrs_smiths_class.docx

 What are "Special Characters"

% & # < > = \ + / ' , " : ! ? $ @ | [ ] { }

Note: The Underscored is a special character but can be and is often used in file names.

Microsoft Support:
Error Message: Filename is Invalid or Cannot Contain Any of the Following Characters (