F/S Blackboard Videos

The following is a list of How-to videos produced by Bossier Parish Community College and Blackboard Inc. These videos are intended to help faculty/staff in the building of Blackboard courses content.

Blackboard Printable Guides


Using SafeAssign
Exporting a Course Package
Enrolling Users
Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item
Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files
Adding Textbook Information to Your Course
Creating a Lesson Plan
Editing the Course Home Page
Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course
Adding a URL
Sending Blackboard Messages
Sending Email
Creating a Course Contact
Creating a New Course Task
Creating Announcements
Grade a Wiki
Editing a Wiki Page
Creating a Wiki
Commenting on a Blog Entry
Creating and Editing Blog Entries
Creating a Blog
Commenting on a Journal Entry
Creating a Journal
Creating Group Sets
Creating a Single Group
Grading a Discussion Board Thread
Grading a Discussion Board Forum
Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test
Building a Pool
Tagging Questions for Reuse
Creating a Quiz Bowl Question
Creating an Ordering Question
Creating a Multiple Choice Question
Creating a Multiple Answer Question
Creating a Likert Question
Creating a Jumbled Question
Creating a Hot Spot Question
Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question
Creating an Essay Question
Creating a Calculated Numeric Question
Creating a Calculated Formula Question
Adding an Existing Question to a Test
Creating a True or False Question
Creating a Matching Question
Creating a Short Answer Question
Creating a Fill in the Blank Question
Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft® Excel
Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey
Tour the Question Finder Feature
Clean Out Graded Assignment Files
Downloading Assignments
Performance Dashboard
Working Offline with the Grade Center
Color Code the Grade Center
Viewing and Downloading Grade History
Grading Assessments Question by Question
Creating a Grading Rubric
Creating a Grade Center Report
Creating Grading Notes
Anonymous Grading
Viewing Grade Details
Creating a Grade Rule
Creating Smart Views
Customizing the Grade Center View
Importing a Course Package
Saving a Course Report
Report of User Activity - Group
Report of User Activity - Content Area
Running a Report of User Activity by Forum
Running a Report of All User Activity
Turning On Statistics Tracking
Making Tools Available to Students
Turning Tool Availability On and Off
Rules to Release a Content Item
Tour the Course Files
Attaching Course Files
Creating a Mashup
Creating a Tool Link
Creating a Blank Page
Adding a Glossary Term
Building a Learning Module
Using the Text Editor
Make Course Available
Creating a Blank Page (Menu)
Adding a Banner

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