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UStream.tv is the web services BPCC uses to stream live and archived lectures.

UStream Software Download:

Ustream Producer 2 Software

Ustream Producer is an easy and powerful way to stream to your Ustream channel. For beginning users, you can get started right away using your built in webcam and add graphics, videos and music to your broadcast. For more experienced users, the Pro and Studio versions offer many advanced features for pro quality productions, right from your desktop.

Desktop Presenter 2 Software

Capture video and audio from programs on your computer or broadcast whatever you are browsing on the web. With Producer 2.0 you can broadcast the screen of any computer that is on your local network, making this computer an additional input source for Producer. If the other computer does not have Producer installed, download Desktop Presenter for free and install this on the computer you would like to use as a source.

Logitech 2.0 Webcam Software

This software is a zipped package of the software that comes with the Logitech Webcams. We currently use the HD Pro Webcam C910 and the QuickCam® Orbit AF.

We can also encode video using  Adobe Flash Encoder.

Adobe Flash Encoder

Adobe Flash Encoder to stream to UStream.tv

Encoder setup for UStream.tv:



Video Statement within a course:

This is a pilot program to stream LIVE and archive BPCC (Bossier Parish Community College) courses to better meet the needs of the community we serve.

This is a live or archived video of the class made available by your instructor. The service we are using to make this possible is UStream.tv. This is a FREE service but because of this, UStream.tv will run commercials each time a class is started as well as during the class. BPCC has no control over the commercial content or when they run. If you have questions or comments about this feature please email the myBPCC administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@bpcc.edu.

Visit UStream.tv and scroll down to Recent Videos for past class lectures: <course> on UStream.tv